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 This file contains all the ID2015 data for London at LSOA and borough level. Please take the time to read the notes which accompany the data in the file. It has sheets for the CLG published

  • LSOA overall IMD and domains (rank and score),
  • LSOA sub domains (rank and score),
  • borough level IMD summary measures,
  • borough level domain summary measures,
  • borough level IDACI/IDAOPI,
  • population figures,
  • underlying indicators.

A GLA Intelligence Briefing gives information about the components of the Indices and how they are constructed and an analysis of the results for London, together with maps of the IMD for 2015 and previous versions and of all 2015 domains and sub domains at LSOA level.

The ID2015 replace the Indices of Deprivation 2010 (ID2010) as the Government’s official measure of deprivation from the Department for Communities and Local Government. The Indices show London remains an area of mixed fortunes, with some wealthier areas alongside pockets of deprivation across the capital. Generally, London is showing less deprivation over time compared with other parts of the country, and the pockets of deprivation are becoming more dispersed. The indices help to pinpoints those areas where there is greatest need on a number of dimensions of deprivation.

The most deprived areas within London are still in parts of Inner London. While 22.5 per cent of London LSOAs fall within the most deprived 20 per cent of England, more than two thirds of LSOAs have above average deprivation.

London has some of the least income deprived LSOAs, but more of the most income deprived LSOAs. In particular, some of the LSOAs with the very highest rates of income deprivation among older people are in London.

London has relatively low levels of deprivation in employment, in education skills and training and in health and disability. In contrast, London has very high levels of deprivation relating to crime, to barriers to housing and services and to the living environment.

The ID2015 data for the whole of England are available on the DCLG website.

Data for ID2010 and previous editions of the Indices of Deprivation are also available elsewhere on the London Datastore.

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English Indices of Deprivation 2015 data for London
  Lower Super Output Area