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Household Income Estimates for Small Areas

Created 4 years ago, updated 3 years ago

Mean and median average gross annual household income for, Lower SOAs, Middle SOAs, Wards and Boroughs, London, 2001/02 to 2012/13.

This income data is unequivalised - that is it takes no account of average household size or composition within each area.

The GLA household income estimates (July 2015) replace the experimental estimates released in May 2013. The previous estimates covered 2011/12 only. These estimates cover every year 2001/02 to 2012/13. The data for 2011/12 has been revised in this release due to an updated methodology.

The second Excel file shows the income data along with the percentage of real change in the tables. Real change is change after inflation is taken into account. The inflation measure used is the RPIJ figure from ONS.

Some analysis of the income estimates can be found in this Tableau report.

A full description of how the estimates were put together can be read in GLA Intelligence Unit Update 08-2015 (link below).