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The GiGL SINCs Open Data dataset provides the boundaries of Sites of Importance for Nature Conservation (SINCs) in Greater London. It is a mapped Geographic Information System (GIS) polygon dataset where one polygon represents one space. Subsequent versions will provide updates on an annual basis with a version from the previous year.

This dataset has been created by Greenspace Information for Greater London CIC (GiGL) based on GiGL’s London SINCs database, which we manage on behalf of the Greater London Authority (GLA). GiGL mobilises, curates and shares data that underpin our knowledge of London’s natural environment. We provide impartial evidence to enable informed discussion and decision-making in policy and practice. For any updates to the content of this dataset, please contact GiGL’s Database Officer.


The London Plan requires Boroughs to identify Sites of Importance for Nature Conservation (SINCs) in accordance with set criteria that considers the important habitats and species they support. These Local Wildlife Sites are London’s most valuable sites for nature and form a comprehensive network to protect urban biodiversity and provide a valuable opportunity for people to connect with nature.

GiGL manages a London-wide database of SINCs. The GiGL SINC Open Data dataset contains SINC boundaries and a limited number of attributes from GiGL’s full SINC dataset that have been released as open data to support developers, web applications, policy and research questions under open licence*.

The dataset provides the name and grade of each site, with one polygon representing one space. It is updated on an annual basis with a version from the previous year.

*The full and most up to date version of this dataset with all its attributes (including site references, access information and planning dates) and citations (containing full site descriptions and habitat lists) are available under a GiGL data use licence to GiGL SLA partners, as well as under licence to individual researchers and students. Detailed SINC data, including citations, are available to consultants as part of a data search service, and as part of GiGL’s information services for biological recorders and community volunteers – please see for more information.

Data sources

The boundaries and information in the GiGL SINCs Open Data dataset are provided by London’s Local Authorities.


The dataset contains OS data © Crown copyright and database rights 2022. The dataset is based on Ordnance Survey mapping and is published under Ordnance Survey's 'presumption to publish'. Please acknowledge GiGL and Ordnance Survey as the source of the information when using these data, and where possible, provide a link to Open Government Licence v.3.0. Suggested citation: Dataset created by Greenspace Information for Greater London CIC (GiGL), 2022 – Contains Ordnance Survey and public sector information licensed under the Open Government Licence v3.0.