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Health Region
  • Created 3 years ago

    Regional Well Being Indicators

    Office for National Statistics (ONS)
    The Opinions and Lifestyle Survey is a Face-to-face interview of individuals in households. Data is available for Government Office Regions. The data for these tables is from the Well-Being Module, April, July and October, 2014. They cover a range of subjective well-being indicators that measure the respondents opinions using a score out of 10. The questions analysed here are: 1 Overall, how satisfied are you with your life nowadays...
  • Created 4 years ago

    Community Strength Indicators, London

    Cabinet Office
    Opinions of people aged 16 and over about their feelings of community strength and togetherness The survey tracks the latest trends and developments across areas key to encouraging social action and empowering communities.  The objectives of the survey are to provide robust, nationally representative data on behaviours and attitudes within communities to inform and direct policy and action in these areas. The Community Life Survey in...
  • Updated 4 years ago

    Fruit and Vegetable Consumption, Region

    Department of Health
    Age-standardised proportion of adults (16+) who met the recommended guidelines of consuming five or more portions of fruit and vegetables a day by gender. To help reduce the risk of deaths from chronic diseases such as heart disease, stroke, and cancer. The Five-a-day programme was introduced to increase fruit and vegetable consumption within the general population. Its central message is that people should eat at least five portions o...