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Transparency Young People
  • Updated a year ago

    London Borough Profiles and Atlas

    Greater London Authority (GLA)
    The London Borough Profiles help paint a general picture of an area by presenting a range of headline indicator data in both spreadsheet and map form to help show statistics covering demographic, economic, social and environmental datasets for each borough, alongside relevant comparator areas. The London Borough Atlas does the same but provides further detailed breakdowns and time-series data for each borough. The full datasets and more...
  • Updated 2 years ago

    Camden Data

    London Borough of Camden
    Camden Data is the place for data, statistics and key documents about the London Borough of Camden. Includes GIS data showing Camden library, reception, CCTV, school, toilet, polling station and grit bin locations in CSV and KML formats.
  • Updated 3 years ago

    GLA Key Performance Indicators

    Greater London Authority (GLA)
    The Business Plan 2013/14 established for the first time a suite of GLA Key Performance Indicators (KPI) closely linked to Mayoral priorities. These statistics show KPI performance, together with targets, forecasts and traffic light ratings. There are two traffic light ratings for each KPI: First, a backward looking traffic light assessing performance to date. Green indicates that performance is meeting or exceeding targets; amber that...
  • Updated 4 years ago

    London Assembly Research

    Greater London Authority (GLA)
    November 2014 - Internship research TNS survey of young Londoners TNS conducted a survey of 697 young adults aged 19-30 in London. This was an online self-completion survey which ran from 10 July to 5 August 2014. Results are weighted to represent Londoners aged 19-30. Talk London survey of current and former interns Talk London conducted a survey of 120 young adults aged 19-30 who were currently doing or had completed an int...