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    OPDC Gender Pay Gap Report

    As part of the Mayor’s commitment to publish a gender pay audit for the Greater London Authority and its functional bodies, the OPDC has produced a Gender Pay Audit report. Our gender pay audit represents the gender pay gap data as at the end of March 2016.
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    OPDC Senior Salaries/Pay Multiple

    OPDC Senior salaries and pay multiple are published in line with the Local Government Transparency Code (see pages 76-78 of the GLA’s ‘Appendices to the Mayor of London’s Annual Report’).
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    OPDC Expenditure over £250

    In line with our commitment to be transparent about how much we spend and on what, we publish the details of our spending. We record the spending in the form of a register, listing individual items of expenditure and details such as the payee and the date of payment. The threshold which we include an item of expenditure on the register stands at £250 (excluding VAT) for each item of expenditure.
  • Updated a year ago

    Local Authority Maintained Trees

    We set ourselves the challenge of collating London’s tree data into one open source place to get a picture of London’s trees.  We requested tree data from London boroughs and TfL in late 2014. The data mainly covers street trees, although it also includes some park trees, and contains location and species information for over 700,000 trees. It is estimated that there are around eight million trees in London, so this information is only ...
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    Mayor's Crowdfunding Programme - Social Impacts

    Since 2014 the GLA’s Regeneration Unit have been developing and delivering an innovative and pioneering new tool to support local investment in London’s communities: The Mayor’s Crowdfunding Programme. The initiative explores the potential for the GLA to pledge to civic crowdfunding projects as ‘one of the crowd’, enabling London’s citizens to deliver and manage spaces and places that suit local needs and identities. This study, commis...
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    Clean Air Consultation – July 2016

    On his election in 2016, the Mayor committed to a large scale consultation on a range of actions to address poor air quality in London. Measures under consideration include implementing the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) in 2019 rather than 2020, expanding the boundaries of the ULEZ, and introducing an Emissions Surcharge on the most polluting vehicles driving in central London from 2017. In addition the Mayor has committed to cleaning ...
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    London Elections Results 2016, Wards, Boroughs, Constituency

    DATA The results for the Mayoral and Assembly elections down to constituency level are available (including turnout and spoils etc). All Geographies - This spreadsheet includes data for Constituencies, Boroughs, Wards and postal votes. Also includes turnout figures and first choice by second choice Mayoral vote matrices. Detailed Constituencies - Contains more detailed data at Constituency level. Includes percentages and a table sh...
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    Data for London - A City Data Strategy

    Welcome to the City Data Strategy for London. This document is built around the following vision:We want London to have the most dynamic and productive City Data Market in the world. In our CityData Market, the capabilities, talents and capacity of all our city data partners will impact on our hugesocial, economic and service-based challenges. To make this happen, friction in the sharing andvalue-driven exploitation of city data will b...
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    Better Use of Data - GLA Consultation Response

    The GLA strongly believes that Government needs to do more to unlock the power of data, helping organisations to make better decisions and operate more efficiently. Greater sharing of information between public authorities will allow them to improve the lives of citizens and help the economy flourish. To this end, in March 2016, the GLA launched the London City Data Strategy. The aim of this strategy is to give London the most dynamic a...
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    LFB Fires in London 1966-2014 - Fire Facts

    Our Fire Facts 1966 - 2014 report provides the most in depth review of fire data in LFB's 150 year history. The publicly available data is divided into four sections: Long term trends, Where fires happen, Fires in the home and Fires in other buildings. The published Fire Facts document is vis this link. The underpinning data for the publication for the period 1/9/2009 to 31/9/2015 is available in the Excel file. For data privacy /sensi...