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  • Updated 6 months ago

    Low Carbon Generators

    Listing of low carbon energy generators installed on GLA group properties as requested in question 2816/2010 to the Mayor during the September 2010 Mayor's Question Time. To date information has been provided by the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority, the GLA and the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS). Transport for London has provided interim data, and further data will follow. GLA csv LFEPA csv MPS csv TfL csv LFEPA Dat...
  • Updated 7 months ago

    General Election Results 2017

    The results for every constituency in the United Kingdom, including Greater London's 73 seats are available to download as an Excel file. The data is also presented as a series of interactive maps below. Read the blog which analyses some of the results. More data will be made available once the Electoral Commission publish their full results. //
  • Updated 9 months ago

    LLDC Annual Report and Accounts

    The LLDC publishes its Annual report and accounts, showing how money was spent over the last year and the governance systems in place to support that expenditure.
  • Updated 9 months ago

    LLDC Expenditure over £250

    The LLDC publishes all items of expenditure over £250.
  • Updated 9 months ago

    LLDC Senior Staff Salaries

    The LLDC publishes staff salaries above £50,000 and the directorate budget for the budget holder.
  • Updated 9 months ago

    LLDC Expenses

    The LLDC publishes all expenses claimed by our senior staff at or above Head of Service or equivalent and board members on a regular basis as part of our commitment to transparency.
  • Updated 9 months ago

    LLDC Gifts and Hospitality

    The LLDC publishes details of gifts and hospitality received by LLDC staff and management.
  • Updated 9 months ago

    LLDC Register of Interests

    The LLDC publishes a register of interests for all senior staff (at or above Head of Service or equivalent), and for Board members.
  • Updated 9 months ago

    LLDC Gender Pay Gap Report

    The LLDC has published it’s Gender Pay Audit report.
  • Updated 9 months ago

    LLDC Contracts over £5,000

    The LLDC publishes details of contracts of £5,000 and over.