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Young People Spreadsheet Greater London Authority (GLA) Local Authority
  • Updated 9 months ago

    Social Integration Headline Measures

    Greater London Authority (GLA)
    The Mayor is committed to measuring social integration in London. Providing evidence-based analysis of the state of social integration will allow him to shine a light on the whole city. Accompanying the Social Integration Strategy published in March 2018, the Mayor has published a set of measures tracking social integration in London, that will be updated on a regular basis. These measures have been selected from existing high-quality d...
  • Updated 2 years ago

    London Borough Profiles and Atlas

    Greater London Authority (GLA)
    The London Borough Profiles help paint a general picture of an area by presenting a range of headline indicator data in both spreadsheet and map form to help show statistics covering demographic, economic, social and environmental datasets for each borough, alongside relevant comparator areas. The London Borough Atlas does the same but provides further detailed breakdowns and time-series data for each borough. The full datasets and more...
  • Updated 5 years ago

    Comparison of estimates of 0-18 year olds

    Greater London Authority (GLA)
    This report from the GLA Intelligence Unit compares 2011 census estimates of the population aged 0-18 to the following alternative data sources: • ONS 2010 based sub-national population projections (SNPP); • GLA 2011 round population projections; • General Practitioner registrations; and • Child benefit claims. The report is available to download here. An Excel file containing the data behind charts and tables in the report is ava...