2016-based household projections

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The 2016-based household projections are the most recent set of GLA projections. These projections will form part of the evidence based for the Mayor's new London Plan. These projections are produced using GLA population projections and the 2014-based DCLG household model.

Note: These outputs contain data for London only.

Update: The central trend household projection was updated on 18 October 2017 to fix an error in the data file


National projections

The full outputs which comprise populations, detailed components of change, and households for all authorities in England plus national projections for Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland are also available for download (click here).


Population projections

Population projections consistent with these household outputs are also available (click here).




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households_short_term_trend_2016_base.xlsx  (4.37 MB)
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