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What will be the next Streetmapper?

Everyone has a transport app on their phone nowadays – they’ve been extraordinarily successful. But what’s next? What are the new combinations of data that will transform our lives and drive successful new businesses, products and services?

We at City Hall have been working with London-based startup DataPress to develop a new API for the London DataStore that for the first time allows real-time queries of data for specific locations to be returned to drive web applications.

We’d like to invite you to an event where we’ll show you how the code and data works and use the concept as a catalyst for ideas about how you might use this API and to identify the datasets you might need that City Hall can work to make available. To help showcase it, we’ve created the MyLondon site, an interactive and personalised dashboard that helps people who are moving home find areas of London that suit their needs.

The event will be introduced by Andrew Collinge, City Hall’s lead on smart cities and will be held at the London & Partners offices in London Bridge on the 1st of October 2015, 4-7pm. Please register your interest via Eventbrite, and be aware that you will need a reasonable level of technical expertise to take part in the code workshops.