We want this blog space to be filled with contributions from far and wide. If we are monopolising the conversation, then we are getting it wrong.

If you’ve got something to say that deals with London data, Smart city issues, or an event involving London, the Datastore blog is a great place to get your message across.

So if you’ve a point to make about open city data or an idea around which you want to start some creative thinking, get in touch.

And if you do feel shy about coming forward, we know who you are and we’ll be sure to come knocking anyway.

– The City Data Team

Data, Data, Everywhere. Now let’s make a difference with it.

“Everywhere you look, the quantity of information in the world is soaring… Merely keeping up with this flood, and storing the bits that might be useful, is difficult enough.  Analysing it, to spot patterns and extract useful information is harder still.  Even so, the data deluge is already starting to transform business, government, science and … Read More »

Hectic times

It’s been a fairly hectic time since our soft launch of the London Datastore on 7th January which featured a live linkup (well mostly live!) with the CES technology conference in Vegas. We were delighted that the launch received such a positive response in both the developer community Mad Prof, Brian Hoadley, Chris Thorpe, Chris … Read More »