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NHS London Data Update

NHS London makes yet more NHS data publically available as part of the government’s Information Revolution. In this latest update NHS London has made available previously unpublished data about the number of stroke patients taken by ambulance under ‘blue light’ conditions direct to a Hyper Acute Stroke Unit. We have also updated data about stroke, … Read More »


The web is a big place and growing rapidly, both in terms of sheer physical size and complexity. Against that backdrop, tools for communicating have never been more ubiquitous or simple to use. The democratisation of content and the explosion of mobile computing has led us to a point where we are always connected and … Read More »

New Data Catalogue for Datastore

The eagle-eyed amongst you may have spotted a new menu item appearing in the Datastore navigation recently.  The new Data Catalogue page has been set up in response to user requests and contains a link to download the back-end metadata for all packages on the Datastore in CSV format. The file is updated on a … Read More »

NHS Information Revolution Continues

NHS London is continuing to make NHS data publically available as part of the government’s Information Revolution.  In this latest update NHS London has made available previously unpublished data relating to major trauma, mental health and Londoners’ satisfaction with the NHS. We have also updated data relating to maternity services to include the very latest … Read More »

Using Data to Create Distinctive Social Markings

Some interesting stories are beginning to be told through data and infographics. Microsoft (http://obieosobalu.wordpress.com/2011/01/27/infographic-an-overview-of-the-history-of-microsoft-in-the-last-10-years/) Foursquare and Old Spice have all put some useful examples together recently. The great patrons of this art are likely to be the corporations who, just like those of the Renaissance, have the means and the desire to develop their social profile … Read More »

Imperial College Launches it’s New Web-Based Service for Patients Undergoing Knee Replacement Surgery

This month in Charing Cross Hospital, West London (part of Imperial College NHS Trust) we launched a new service called myJoint. myJoint gives patients more information and greater control, improving their care experiences and allowing us as clinicians to keep track on how our patients are doing once they leave hospital.  We hope that our … Read More »

How London Leads the Way in Techno Wizardry

Below is my article in today’s Evening Standard on the London Datastore and impact of freeing London’s data: Help! What should I do? There I was, late for dinner with the Twitter delegation, and the docking station was full so I couldn’t park my Boris bike. I whipped out my iPhone, pressed the bike hire … Read More »

Join the debate at London’s Clinical Senate

NHS London has started to make NHS data publically available as part of the government’s Information Revolution.  There is a range of views about how data should be published and what is the most important kind of information for clinicians and for patients. The data is available on Datastore and on NHS London’s website here: … Read More »

East London Tech City – What do you think?

There has been a good amount of coverage on the recent announcement by the Prime Minister and the Mayor of London on their desire to catalyze investment in east London to transform it into one of the world’s great technology centres.   We know that areas like Shoreditch have been incredibly successful, largely without any … Read More »

Guess What’s Back? Trackernet Returns

When it comes to freeing the data, we don’t just talk about it – we deliver. We are delighted that Transport for London is today launching its new website area for developers with free live Tube information, showing the location of trains across the London Underground network at any time. It is part of TfL’s … Read More »