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Imperial College Launches it’s New Web-Based Service for Patients Undergoing Knee Replacement Surgery

This month in Charing Cross Hospital, West London (part of Imperial College NHS Trust) we launched a new service called myJoint. myJoint gives patients more information and greater control, improving their care experiences and allowing us as clinicians to keep track on how our patients are doing once they leave hospital.  We hope that our … Read More »

How London Leads the Way in Techno Wizardry

Below is my article in today’s Evening Standard on the London Datastore and impact of freeing London’s data: Help! What should I do? There I was, late for dinner with the Twitter delegation, and the docking station was full so I couldn’t park my Boris bike. I whipped out my iPhone, pressed the bike hire … Read More »

Join the debate at London’s Clinical Senate

NHS London has started to make NHS data publically available as part of the government’s Information Revolution.  There is a range of views about how data should be published and what is the most important kind of information for clinicians and for patients. The data is available on Datastore and on NHS London’s website here: … Read More »

East London Tech City – What do you think?

There has been a good amount of coverage on the recent announcement by the Prime Minister and the Mayor of London on their desire to catalyze investment in east London to transform it into one of the world’s great technology centres.   We know that areas like Shoreditch have been incredibly successful, largely without any … Read More »

Guess What’s Back? Trackernet Returns

When it comes to freeing the data, we don’t just talk about it – we deliver. We are delighted that Transport for London is today launching its new website area for developers with free live Tube information, showing the location of trains across the London Underground network at any time. It is part of TfL’s … Read More »

Update on comments

Just to let you know that from tomorrow comments will not be published immediately on the datastore. This is due to a huge increase in the number of spam comments we have received which were starting to clutter up pages and make the site more difficult to use. Please be assured that all comments that … Read More »

Changing the City through Pictures alone?

Yesterday City Hall hosted a Visualising London event. I introduced the day with a challenge that the growing digital visualisation movement has to go way beyond simply delivering beautiful evidence if it is to make a real difference. Of course visual impact will engage, but the intersection of the high art of information design, statistics … Read More »

Consultation on changes to the oversight of police forces

The Home Office is consulting on changes to the oversight of police forces in the UK, abolishing police authorities and replacing them with elected individuals.  In London, it’s expected that this would mean the Mayor would become the Police and Crime Commissioner and the London Assembly would be responsible for holding the elected Commissioner to … Read More »