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The Mayor of London The London Assembly

London’s Digital Connectivity

London has a healthy market of digital connectivity providers – some big names, but hundreds of other smaller firms offering all kinds of different solutions. It is also home to hundreds of thousands of potential consumers of faster digital connectivity.

We know that some businesses and residents in parts of the city cannot access fast enough connections that are affordable. The ever increasing number of providers operating in this space, and the fact that London is a thriving, populous and growing city, gives rise to optimism that we can overcome the capital’s connectivity challenges – in part by making information and data available in a clear, easy to understand way.

To begin with, the Connectivity Map we have produced maps the average downloads speeds available from BT, Sky, TalkTalk and Virgin Media – as this is the only data that Ofcom collects at postcode level – in an accessible open data format. In future it will include even more information, as we are inviting other connectivity providers to share their data with us. We have also included functionality for Londoners to map where they would like to receive faster connections.

Once the picture is complete, providers will have a better idea of where the potential business opportunities for them are, and Londoners will have a better idea of which providers are already operating in their area (the range of choice on offer is not always obvious to everyone). If appropriate connections are not yet available, they will be able to map their demand on a neutral platform that hundreds of connectivity providers will see – and on which they may base their rollout decisions.

We hope that by closing information gaps through this new tool – and open data provided by Ofcom – even less of the city will suffer from poor connectivity and we can move closer to the Mayor’s ambition for affordable world-class connectivity being available for everyone who wants it.