Electricity Consumption in a Sample of London Households

Using SmartMeter technology, UK Power Networks gathered electricity use data for a sample of 5,567 London households between November 2011 and February 2014. Readings were taken every half hour. The Acorn group of each household is included in the data. The full raw data is available to download from the Datastore. Within the data set … Read More »

Connectivity Map

The interactive connectivity map is intended to assist the decision making of digital connectivity providers based on current availability and demand. Ofcom gathers data from the main fixed broadband Internet Service Providers (BT, KCOM, Sky, TalkTalk and Virgin Media) on both their retail services and the services they provide to other ISPs as a wholesale … Read More »

Property Build Period

Data from the Valuation Office Agency on build period, or age of property, has been used to create 12 property build period categories. The report below uses Tableau to present some of this data at both MSOA and borough level. This geographical presentation highlights that a high proportion of the recently built dwellings (since 2010) … Read More »

Average Floor Area and Energy Rating by Borough

Average Floor Area Cartogram maps showing the average floorspace by borough for all properties, houses and flats added to the energy certificate register between Q1 2012 -Q1 2015. Houses include Bungalows, Flats include Maisonettes. The register records information about the certificates issued for buildings which have been newly constructed, sold or let. The same property can … Read More »

London Tube Station and Journey Stats

London Tube Stats maps by Oliver O’Brien from UCL CASA data about how the London Underground is used – how many people use each station at various times of the day, and where they go once they are on the tube. The main view shows the entry/exit data, by time of day, for 2003-2012. Choosing … Read More »

2015 General Election Maps

  Below are some interactive maps of the parliamentary general election results from May 2015. The full source data for this is available on this page. Read our blog analysing the results of the election here.

London Schools Atlas

The London Schools Atlas is a real triumph of the city data agenda. It illustrates perfectly the power of accessing previously locked up data and using it in innovative ways to help solve real world public policy problems.For context, planning the provision of sufficient school places for London’s burgeoning school age population has become increasingly … Read More »

GLA Population Projections – Visualisation Tool

The population of London is set to surpass its previous historical high of 8.6million in the coming months.  With this comes a range of challenges for London to tackle, from meeting the need for affordable housing; providing school places for the Capital’s children; and increasing capacity on its transport networks. The GLA Intelligence Unit produces … Read More »

London Output Area Classification

At a time of constrained finances across all sectors of service delivery, getting resource allocation right is of paramount importance. Of equal concern are the costs associated with acquiring the evidence needed to make those informed decisions. Therefore, the ability to understand the characteristics of an area and its population is crucial to decision making. … Read More »

London Development Database

Development of new housing areas and the creation of business space is vital to London’s success. While most of the London Boroughs provide details of the planning applications they receive on their own websites, it can be difficult to get an overview across London or to view the permissions granted in a particular location where … Read More »