London Tube Station and Journey Stats

London Tube Stats maps by Oliver O’Brien from UCL CASA data about how the London Underground is used – how many people use each station at various times of the day, and where they go once they are on the tube. The main view shows the entry/exit data, by time of day, for 2003-2012. Choosing … Read More »

2015 General Election Maps

  Below are some interactive maps of the parliamentary general election results from May 2015. The full source data for this is available on this page. Read our blog analysing the results of the election here.

London Schools Atlas

The London Schools Atlas is a real triumph of the city data agenda. It illustrates perfectly the power of accessing previously locked up data and using it in innovative ways to help solve real world public policy problems.For context, planning the provision of sufficient school places for London’s burgeoning school age population has become increasingly … Read More »

GLA Population Projections – Visualisation Tool

The population of London is set to surpass its previous historical high of 8.6million in the coming months.  With this comes a range of challenges for London to tackle, from meeting the need for affordable housing; providing school places for the Capital’s children; and increasing capacity on its transport networks. The GLA Intelligence Unit produces … Read More »

London Output Area Classification

At a time of constrained finances across all sectors of service delivery, getting resource allocation right is of paramount importance. Of equal concern are the costs associated with acquiring the evidence needed to make those informed decisions. Therefore, the ability to understand the characteristics of an area and its population is crucial to decision making. … Read More »

London Development Database

Development of new housing areas and the creation of business space is vital to London’s success. While most of the London Boroughs provide details of the planning applications they receive on their own websites, it can be difficult to get an overview across London or to view the permissions granted in a particular location where … Read More »

Bus IT London

BusIT is a website and mobile application developed by Chris Haynes of Lamplight Development to allow you to plan bus journeys around London. On the datastore are links to feeds of TFL Timetable Listings and Bus stop locations and routes.

Citymapper Travel App

Citymapper is a transport app for some of the biggest cities in the world including London, New York, Paris and Berlin. It aims to make it as easy as possible for users to navigate cities, displaying useful information such as how much each transport method costs, the weather at a chosen destination and how many … Read More »

Whereabouts London, by Future Cities Catapult

An experiment in how open data can be used to understand and improve future cities From Jon Snow discovering the source of London’s Cholera outbreak to Charles Booth’s poverty maps, effective use of data has a history of improving city life. The insights it brings can open up huge opportunities for making them cleaner, healthier … Read More »

Transport Apps

The most popular use of London’s Open Data has been the creation of mobile journey planning apps. See TfL’s pages for details Transport for London have helped London to lead the way in open data by releasing large volumes of real-time data and engaging developers to deliver and innovate using open data. Over 5,000 developers … Read More »