TfL Live Traffic Cameras

FEBRUARY 2010  Transport

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The live traffic camera feed provides images from 177 cameras at key sites across the Capital, showing what's happening on London's streets.

All images are TfL branded, have a location description, and date and time-stamp. They are refreshed at least every three minutes.

Individual feeds may be interrupted if there is a system fault or if a camera is being serviced.

Images are not captured when a camera is in use for managing traffic, when a camera is being maintained or in the event of a camera or system fault.

Some ideas for re-use include:

-Freight or delivery services could use the live feed to follow traffic  traffic conditions and plan routes accordingly
-Radio stations could add a live camera feed to a traffic news page
-Organisations with staff intranets could add the traffic camera feed so people can plan their journeys home

This feed is provided by Transport for London.

The BBC use TFL camera images for the live camera feeds on their website. Visit to the BBC website to see live camera images.

ExtentGreater London
Author NameTransport for London
MaintainerTfL Digital
Update FrequencyMonthly
Date range2010
Release Date29/01/2010
Source Category GLA Group
Metadata update2014-04-15
License SummaryTfL terms and conditions apply
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Please see link to TfL website for terms and conditions related to this dataset

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Locations of TfL Street Cameras

Traffic London iPhone App

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Displays all of these a big Google map

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Tue, 06/15/2010 22:47

Comment submitted by nonymou

Free App for the iPad - LondonTC.

LondonTC allows you to view all the Transport for London traffic cameras on your iPad.  

Available at:

More details:

Sun, 06/27/2010 21:28

Comment submitted by NickMMI

A free web app using tfl traffic images: -

Free TFL Traffic images web app

Select the location from a drop-down list and click "Go" to see the still CCTV image and it's location on a Google map

Developed using jQTouch and works best with smartphones.

Wed, 11/03/2010 14:56

Comment submitted by Anonymous

TFL  carmeris are great source to have , they are really calculate the trafices and also keeps the site well maintain, you can get accurate tranffice calculation , great tool for a site.

Sat, 12/11/2010 13:35

Comment submitted by oshin (not verified

Just wanted to thank tfl. They've been incredible helpful and generous enabling access to this dataset.

Recently London Jamcams (for iPhone) was featured in the Sunday Time World's Top 500 apps. This app, available on iTunes uses this exact dataset.


So thank again. M

Mon, 02/21/2011 23:36

Comment submitted by Michael Kaye