Percentage of Detected and Sanctioned Offences, Borough

FEBRUARY 2013  Crime and Community Safety

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Numbers of recorded offences, that result in a sanction against the suspect by broad crime groups.

The Met Police began presentating detection figures differently in 2005/06. Previous to this, the term 'cleared up' was used. From 2005/06 onwards, detections and sanction detections were classified seperately.

Detections: A term used for resolved cases whether it be though police-generated detections (sanction detections), or those resolved through administrative means (non-sanction detections).

The official definition for sanction detection is as follows. 'A sanctioned detection occurs when (1) a notifiable offence (crime) has been committed and recorded; (2) a suspect has been identified and is aware of the detection; (3) the CPS evidential test is satisfied; (4) the victim has been informed that the offence has been detected, and; (5) the suspect has been charged, reported for summons, or cautioned, been issued With a penalty notice for disorder or the offence has been taken into consideration when an offender is sentenced.'

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