Estimated Number of Londoners with Reduced Mobility

NOVEMBER 2010  Demographics, Transport

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Data on the estimated number of Londoners with reduced mobility in 2010, 2018 and 2031 as reported in the London Assembly's Transport Committee report, Accessibility of the transport network, November 2010.

Created by the GLA Intelligence Unit and London Assembly Scrutiny Team using GLA Population Projections and TfL data.

TfL's Travel in London report which contains details of the proportion of people with travel-related disabilities which has been used to produce this data set is available at:

GeographyLocal Authority
ExtentGreater London
Author NameGreater London Authority
Date range2010 to 2031
Release Date01/11/2010
Source Category GLA
Metadata update2014-07-04
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Tags accessibility demography disability population reduced mobility transport