Estimation of Health Impacts of Particulate Pollution in London

JUNE 2010  Environment, Health

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Data relating to populations and population weighted annual mean PM2.5 (ug/m3) by Ward and estimated attributable deaths (rounded to whole numbers) each year based on 2008 rates at concentration coefficients of 6%, 1% and 12% per 10 ug/m3 of PM2.5.

Note that the 6% co efficient factor is considered the 'best estimate' by the Committee on the Medical Effects of Air Pollutants (COMEAP).

Commissioned to inform the Mayor's Air Quality Strategy, will be updated as appropriate.

Based on 2008 population rates

ExtentGreater London
Author NameGreater London Authority
MaintainerInstitute of Occupational Medicine commissioned by the GLA
Update FrequencyOne-off
Date range2008
Release Date29/06/2010
Source Category GLA
Metadata update2014-07-04

Tags air pollution health mortality particulate matter

I have created a number of maps based on this data - see


Search MapTube for "PM2.5" to see some more.

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