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We know that as more and more datasets are uploaded to the datastore the possibility for creative uses like visualisations and apps increases. We want to make sure that everyone knows about the good things that happen when government releases its data.

So if you have done something with our data that you would like us to shout about please let us know by emailing and we will feature it here on the inspirational uses page. Then we can get twittering about it and hopefully encourage more public agencies across London to free their data. The more we can showcase by example the better.

Applications are shown below in descending date order. Click on the title to view the full details and to vote or comment on the use.


London's Economy Today

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2014 Borough Elections Ward Maps

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Custom Age Tool for ONS Mid-Year Population Estimates

June 2014

Excel Age-Range creator for Office for National Statistics (ONS) Mid year population estimates (MYE) covering each year between 1999 and 2013

MYE tool

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Excel Mapping Template for London Boroughs, and Wards

Have you ever wanted to create a quick thematic map of London but lacked the GIS skills or software to do it yourself?

These free mapping tools from the GLA Intelligence Unit allows the user to input their own data to create an instant map that can be copied over into Word or another application of your choice. The user can also copy over the legend, and add labels.

The template allows the user to select either 4 or 5 ranges, and it even has a function to change the colours on the map (default colours are blue).

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GLA Health Survey Infographics

Over 660 Talk London users took part in the GLA's online health survey during March 2014. This explored people’s experiences of health services, views on health policies and health behaviours. An identical telephone poll with 1000 Londoners also ran between 14 and 16 March.

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