Population Estimates 1961-2009

Focus on London – Population and Migration

Barnet is now London's most populated borough

In 2009 Barnet overtook Croydon as the most populous London borough. Prior to this Croydon had been the largest since 1966 when Lambeth was the number one. Barnet's population of 343,100 is the largest of any borough since 1951 when Lambeth had a high of 347,000, which is likely be overtaken soon. Click on the interactive chart below to explore the data.

However, Barnet has some way to go before it reaches the largest ever borough population, which was Tower Hamlets in 1901 - 597,000, pipping Southwark that year by around 1,000 people, though the latter borough had the largest population between 1911 and the start of the second world war. (NB Although the current boroughs were only formed in 1965, albeit with minor boundary changes since, population figures have been calculated for previous years using historic Census data.)

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