Cycle Hire Realtime Data API

Datastore follower and developer Adrian Short has just drawn this to our attention. He has created his own API for live cycle hire data which he hopes will make some developers' lives easier. Let us know what you think @LDNMayor Data


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Any chance of making this data available as XML?

I would like to use it in an XSLT transformation (alongside other feeds I'm currently using that way), and CSV or JSON are a bit complex to use that way...

Tue, 08/24/2010 10:30

Comment submitted by abre Lambeau (not verified

Hi Abre,

I've added an XML download to the API. Please give it a go and let me know what you think.

I've also added a live Google Earth view which updates itself once a minute. Install Google Earth on your computer if you don't have it and download/run the KML file from the "View live in Google Earth" link.


Wed, 08/25/2010 23:55

Comment submitted by Adrian Short

Is there anyway of recording the start and finish point for bikes? I'd love to be able to visualise the journeys that bikes take.  Great job, we're looking at ways of utilising the API right now.



Thu, 09/16/2010 15:42

Comment submitted by hris (not verified

I have done some visualizations on the original 1.4 million record release of the cycle data.   However, I would like to do a visualization of all data up to the present time and relaease it.  Do you have a full data-set?  I wish tfl would release the data-set more often than every 6 months.


Sun, 03/06/2011 16:12

Comment submitted by teve Souza (not verified