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London Office of Data Analytics: Documenting the Learning Process

As regular readers of this blog will know, the GLA and Nesta are working together to run a pilot to demonstrate that performing data analytics on datasets sourced from multiple local authorities and other novel sources can help reform public services in the capital. This short blog provides a link through to a more detailed … Read More »

Sharing Cities Update: What on earth is a SEMS and why does it matter?

‘SEMS’ (Sustainable Energy Management System) is a key deliverable of the Sharing Cities programme. At its simplest, SEMS is the joining up of smart energy infrastructure and services (e.g. a river source heat pump and associated district heating scheme) with a data platform (in the case of Sharing Cities, our Urban Sharing Platform).  Achieving the … Read More »

Three lessons on City Data Analytics from Mike Flowers

I’ve previously written about plans by the GLA’s Andrew Collinge and Nesta to run a pilot for a London Office of Data Analytics, inspired by the Mayor’s Office of Data Analytics (MODA) in New York City. Last week saw significant progress when 15 London boroughs came together for a workshop with the GLA to select a … Read More »

Open data and design thinking – new tools to tackle social challenges

Over the past 18 months, the Trussell Trust, the UK’s biggest foodbank, has been exploring its data in new ways. Working with researchers from Hull University Business School, data science firm Coppelia and social innovation agency AAM Associates, the project honed in on new insights and ways of viewing its network, which has undergone rapid … Read More »

Data for London – a City Data Strategy for a Smart City Future

In March this year, the GLA published “Data for London”.  In what we reckon to be a world first, this attempt to give shape and organisation to a complex city data economy sees City Hall move beyond open data.  Exploited to its full potential, data has the capacity to make London the smartest city in … Read More »

London to pilot LODA with Nesta

If you’ve heard me speak at a conference or read one of my blogs, you’ve probably gathered that I’m a big admirer of New York City’s Mayor’s Office of Data Analytics (MODA). At times I may have sounded like a broken record. In my defence, there are good reasons to be excited about the model … Read More »

Implementing a City Data Strategy: The Data for London Road trip starts here

On the 1st of March 2016 we published our City Data Market Strategy – a document that aims to be both technically competent and persuasive to a political and senior leadership audience in London about the need to actively integrate and mobilise all the ‘working parts’ of the city data economy. Over the intervening weeks, … Read More »

Steal with pride and share with passion

When is stealing something the right thing to do? We learn from a young age that society frowns on the concept of stealing. Yet, in the case of the Horizon 2020 programmes, I would argue that we should actively borrow from each other, with transparency and with pride, in order that we can combine, build, … Read More »

A barometer of London Government’s digital and data capacity?


Championing the better use of data

The GLA recently submitted a response to the Cabinet Office’s consultation on the better use of data in government. As the London Datastore team will attest, the ‘better use of data’ is a perpetual endeavour of the GLA’s Intelligence Unit – it’s the business we are in. While we are a modest bunch, and not … Read More »