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An update on Witan – the flexible city modelling platform

As I mentioned in my previous blog post, Mastodon C is working together with the Greater London Authority to develop a flexible approach to city modelling. The aim is to take forecasting beyond the limitations of Excel, while providing modellers with the benefits of sophisticated data management tools, such as version control, security levels and scaling … Read More »

10 Tools That Every Startup from London Needs

The startup scene is growing throughout the UK, including clusters in Newcastle and London where deeper technical expertise is being sought to fuel the economic benefits that startups have produced in other countries. Numerous tech startups have paved the way in areas, such as cyber security, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence. Some startups have even … Read More »

Building the City Data Market

We need to make smart cities and smart government real. To do so, we need to take city data seriously, and give shape to a complex marketplace. An elderly man sits comfortably in his housing association flat.  As usual, his son is having a busy day. Both are content that (aided by an integrated health … Read More »

The Trouble with the Internet of Things

There’s no doubt that the Internet of Things (IoT) is a great resource. Data gathered through the IoT has incredible potential for improving user experience and building a better city. In London, we have already seen how the IoT has been used to significantly improve public transport by managing disrupted schedules, offering personalized news, displaying … Read More »

London’s Mortgage Lending Hotspots

A number of extremely useful new housing datasets have been opened up in recent years, including those on mortgage lending and house prices. So, at the risk of saturating the market in blog posts on housing in London, in this short piece I examine London’s mortgage lending hotspots by looking at changes in mortgage lending … Read More »