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London’s Mortgage Lending Hotspots

A number of extremely useful new housing datasets have been opened up in recent years, including those on mortgage lending and house prices. So, at the risk of saturating the market in blog posts on housing in London, in this short piece I examine London’s mortgage lending hotspots by looking at changes in mortgage lending … Read More »

Study Suggests London Appoint a Data Tsar

The next mayor of London needs to appoint an official Data Tsar to collect and organize data in a more efficient manner. At least, that’s what a new report from Capital City Foundation says, having reviewed New York City’s data set monitoring practices.   The Pursuit of Becoming Smarter While many cities drastically need better … Read More »

London’s Open Data Powering Action on Climate Change

On the 18 June – Live Earth day – the GLA Environment Unit partnered in Climathon: the 24-hour hackathon-style climate change event organised by Climate-KIC that took place simultaneously in major cities around the world, including London. So why did the Environment Unit get involved? We have already seen the value of ‘data hacks’ when … Read More »

Why and how data will save the NHS

Today Bromley Healthcare, the south London community healthcare provider I have led for the last four years, has become the first to publish clinical data on the London Datastore. We have done this because we believe that data will save the NHS. I realise this is a hard concept for the many in the NHS … Read More »

Engaging Londoners in Open Data

Some people have described data as the new oil.  A precious resource that fuels growth and innovation (let’s just hope it doesn’t have so many downsides…). For the great global cities such as London, data certainly has the potential to unlock fundamental progress.  If data can record our human actions and our physical environment, and … Read More »

London’s Digital Connectivity

London has a healthy market of digital connectivity providers – some big names, but hundreds of other smaller firms offering all kinds of different solutions. It is also home to hundreds of thousands of potential consumers of faster digital connectivity. We know that some businesses and residents in parts of the city cannot access fast … Read More »