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Will Big Data Be the Solution to the London Tube Strike?

Several times a year, London will experience a Tube strike in which thousands are unable to ride the rails. As a result, Transport for London (TFL) has been working round the clock to provide extra transportation routes and networks to accommodate those people. Because people have a harder time getting to work, businesses experience the backlash of … Read More »

Update on the Witan Project

The Witan project kicked off this summer with a flurry of meetings, workshops, brainstorming sessions and lofty aspirations.  Out of this frothy mix came the pragmatic decision to aim for concrete deliverables which both demonstrated the project’s potential and offered real benefit to stakeholders.  Demography was chosen as the field on which to focus first … Read More »

What will be the next Streetmapper?

Everyone has a transport app on their phone nowadays – they’ve been extraordinarily successful. But what’s next? What are the new combinations of data that will transform our lives and drive successful new businesses, products and services? We at City Hall have been working with London-based startup DataPress to develop a new API for the … Read More »