We want this blog space to be filled with contributions from far and wide. If we are monopolising the conversation, then we are getting it wrong.


If you’ve got something to say that deals with London data, Smart city issues, or an event involving London, the Datastore blog is a great place to get your message across.


So if you’ve a point to make about open city data or an idea around which you want to start some creative thinking, get in touch.


And if you do feel shy about coming forward, we know who you are and we’ll be sure to come knocking anyway.

– The City Data Team

London Borough Data Partnership

Next Friday (22/5) sees us host the third in our series of London Borough Data Partnership meetings. The Data Partnership was founded to help us collaborate more and share/organise/structure our data better. With this is mind we have an exciting … Continued

Why There’s Such a Thing as Too Much Data

Lately, our culture has become obsessed with the quantity and diversity of data we are able to acquire. From a theoretical perspective, this desire is the result of our previous experiences with data. With quantitative data available, we can make … Continued

What Are Companies Doing with Big Data?

Businesses have long heard that big data is the future, driving how brands interact with their customers. To remain competitive, marketers must find ways to not only extract and study data but also put that information to use in bettering … Continued